Eureka A Lighthouse Play
2015, performance, 50 minutes

Eureka, a lighthouse play, is a narrative performance that centers on the Great Lighthouse of Alexandria.
Since its destruction in a series of earthquakes during the Middle Ages, many people have tried to reconstruct the
lighthouse, searching for its remains in an effort to reconstruct the histories of one of the lost wonders of the ancient

Eureka recounts the journey of an artist lost in the process of research, drawing upon an archive of photographs,
video footage, documents, artifacts, and interviews. Like the growing cast of unlikely characters, it becomes harder
and harder to piece together the lighthouse’s history from the thousands of stones that are barely visible on the

Performance stills, Playground Festival, Stuk (BE)

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Eureka A Lighthouse Play has been performed at:
Bard Graduate Center, New York (US), 2022
Flaherty Seminar series, Anthology Film Archives, New York (US), 2019
Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna, Austria, 2017
Guggenheim Museum, New York (US), 2015
EMPAC, Troy, New York (US), 2015
Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (SE), 2015
Le Grand Café, Saint-Nazaire (FR), 2015
Cartier Fondation d'Art Contemporain, Paris (FR), 2015
Playground Festival, Leuven (BE); The Kitchen, New York (US), 2014