Animal, Machine, Unfixed Image, Ellie Ga in conversation with Alexandre Estrela, MoMA online magazine, 2023

Quarries interview with Cyril Neyrat, for FID Marseille Documentary Film Festival, 2022

The Streets of Lisbon are Paved with Calçada, Journal 5, The Hoosac Institute, 2020

Gyres 1-3 interview with Cyril Neyrat, for FID Marseille Documentary Film Festival, 2020

Oar of Words, Rudders of Speech, Ellie Ga on Julien Bismuth, for Oslobiennalen, 2019

What Drifts Ashore: Ellie Ga Interviewed by Sophie Kovel, BOMB Magazine, November 2019

With Ellie Ga and Violaine Sutter on the occasion of their Soirée Nomade at Fondation Cartier, Paris, January 2019

Bird Flight, Stone Flight, Navigation, Onomatopee 162, Stockholm, 2018

In Praise of Drift, In conversation with Anna Della Subin, Tank Magazine, November 2018

Dear: Caroline Ferreira, Ellie Ga, October 2016

With Ellie Ga and Béatrice Gross on the occasion of their Soirée Nomade at Fondation Cartier, Paris, June 2015

Joe Donahue interviews Ellie Ga on WAMC Northeast Public Radio, May 2015

In Conversation with Will Hunt, The American Reader, April 2014

Mirrors, Doors, code 2.0 Magazine, Fall 2012

Reading the Deck of Tara, Wrong-Rong Magazine, Issue #1, 2011

A Hole to See the Ocean Through
an on-line project for Triple Canopy, Issue #11: Default Environments, 2011

Three Arctic Booklets, Ugly Duckling Presse, 2010, ed.50

Arctic Circles, Nous ne notons pas le fleurs dit le geographe, catalogue, 2011

Semaine 2a, Flash Art, March 2010

Ellie Ga: 500 Words, as told to Lauren O'Neill-Butler,, March 2010

Day Photos: Month #2, I know nothing of the Weather catalogue, PNCA 2009

Classification of a Spit Stain, Ugly Duckling Presse, 2008, ed.500

Tara Lexique, Le Journal du Tara et Damocles, No.4:Printemps 2008
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Art on the Ice Floes, interview on Radio France (in English), 5/2008

Reports from a Taranaut, Dispatch, NY 2007-08

In the Arctic with Tara Expeditions, Alliance Française,

Exploring the Explorers Club, Swiss Institute Contemporary Art, 2007, ed.100

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