The Catalogue of the Lost
performance, 2006

"The Catalogue of the Lost (and other Revelations)" is a lecture performance comprised of 282 projected images, based on the 18 months I spent as the artist-in-residence of the Explorers Club in New York.

The narration focuses on the missing pieces of early exploration: lost places, people, photographs and geographic concepts–as well as the successes and failures to document "the unknown." Using images and objects from the Explorers Club’s collections, as well as historical anecdotes from early Arctic explorations, this work examines what is revealed through attempts to track down the missing pieces.

The Catalogue of the Lost has been performed at: 
Giacometti Institute, Paris (FR), 2020
ACAF/Jesuit Center, Alexandria (EG), 2012
Fondation Entreprise Ricard, Paris, Dec 9, 2011
FIAC, Grand Palais, Paris, 2011
Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine, 2011
Catalogue of the Lost, Translating New Surroundings in New Poetics, NYU, 2010
St.Mark's Poetry Project, New York, 2009
Kunstakadiem, Oslo, Norway, 2008
16 Beaver, New York, 2007
Gigantic Art Space, New York; The Explorers Club, 2006