The Micro Explorers Club
established 2006 by David Adamo & Ellie Ga

Adventurers have unfurled the flag of the Explorer’s Club from the tip of Mount Kilimanjaro to the surface of the Moon. The flag belongs to no nation or state; it flies to claim far-flung territories in the name of exploration itself. The archives of the Explorers Club preserve documentation of more than a century of the flag’s limit-testing ‘famous firsts.’
Faced with the daunting question, “What’s left to Explore?” Ellie Ga and David Adamo conceived of a system for charting alternative territories and founded the micro-explorers club in Winter 2005 at the Explorer’s Club International Headquarters, New York City.

When you hold the flag in your hand, the world provides many options for punctuating the mundane with the symbolic. The micro explorers club invites explorers to document their attempts to bring to light the insignificant adventure, the overlooked rite of passage, and the excluded terra-incognita.

View a micro explorer’s membership brochure here

Micro Explorer Club’s membership kit: flag, flag report, brochure

Micro Expedition, Rubin Museum of Art, 2006