Three Episodes 
2008-2010, video with sound

A Hole to See the Ocean Through, running time 3:31 min

A Hole to See the Ocean Through is a verbal map of etymology and explores the metaphorical power of words through mapping the word ‘plankton.’ Ga weaves an account of the terms and procedures performed daily by Tara’s scientists with her own invention of corresponding metaphor and mythology. The hypothetical 3,000 year drift along the floes and currents of the sea – from pole to pole and back of polar molecule ¬ becomes a powerful symbol of the Tara’s surrender. Ga’s lexicon is introduced in this piece, as the uncertainty of the drift reveals the artist’s discovery of a richness of symbolism and analogy. Like the plankton, these simple organisms who move at the whim of the sea’s current, the Tara lodged into the pack-ice was also at the whim of the sea.

A Hole to See the Ocean Through stills & installation view
at Galerie Agnes B, Hong Kong.

Map of the World # 6 (Proteus), running time 3:35 min

Probabilities, running time 3:31 min

The playing cards in Probabilities are emblematic of the artist’s preoccupation with fortune telling and the future of the boat, of the team and of the expedition’s route through and out of the pack ice. The howling and moaning soundtrack of the breaking ice represents at once the possibility of relief (in the imminent release of the boat from the ice) and of danger. Since humans began navigating, they have been haunted by the perils of the sea and have often made offerings to saints to assure their safe passage and protection. In Probabilities, the future is in the hands of the players. If they choose to believe in chance, they must leave their choices to the cards, to the grain of the wood table or to the lines of a hand, in order to predict what no scientific document can anticipate. The fissures in the ice therefore become a metaphor for the mystery of their fate. ---Marcelline Delbecq
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Probabilities still

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Three episodes, The Fortunetellers videos from Ellie Ga on Vimeo.